Mr.Veer Rana (Black Belt 3 DAN)
My name is Veer Rana. I am ready to teach you wing chun kung fu in my academy.

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In today’s society public education is not enough to fully develop children to their full potential. Millions of parents across the Delhi have decided to enroll their children in a Kung fu school in order to supplement their children’s education.

Children increased their power, a decrease in willingness to take foolish risks, a higher level of confidence. Parents at our school have seen first hand the many benefits of training for their children.

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My name is Veer Rana. We started this kung fu school in March of 1983. We have more than 150 of students.

The Kung fu Chamber teaches student into small batches. The advantage of being a small is that all of our students get personalized instruction & attention.

"I am having 12 years experience of teaching people and I expect them to have their heart into learning." The atmosphere at our school is a excellent. We have high expectations of our students. I expect home practice and a love of the Kung fu.

Kung fu Chamber make your body fit and healthy. We do not enter our students into the Ultimate Fighting. Instead we teach kung fu to make your body fit and smarter through kung fu. If this you are looking for then this is the right school for you.

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